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What we do

The Equity Solutions Group is a highly experienced investment and development organisation that specialises in partnerships with the public sector and the Design, Build, Finance and Operation (DBFO) of bespoke and often complex buildings.

We have been partnering with the public sector since our inception in 2002 and we now have more than 250 directly employed team members in the Group.

We work with service commissioners and estate managers in the following sectors:

  • Health and social care
  • Education
  • Leisure and libraries
  • Emergency services
  • Residential

Our services are, more than ever, focused on promoting new ways to deliver necessary estate improvements more efficiently.

The Group includes a number of companies which provide specialist services to support effective estate management and strategic planning. You can find out more about our main trading companies here 

Our activities fall into three broad areas.

Direct Investment and Development of Assets

We manage our own portfolio of properties, most of which have some link to the public sector.

We design the required building, we create a long-term lease arrangement for the client, we finance and project manage the construction, we manage the building and maintain it and we only get paid if the building performs as the lease requires.

Our clients range from acute hospitals to GP surgeries, from schools to fire stations. As a result, each building is different and each is required to perform to a fulfil a different need.

Asset Management

We provide a wide range of asset management services from design and planning consultancy to condition surveys, to full facility management provision with a 24/7 help desk and engineers on call to support, as well as a construction management team.

But the key benefit of our services is the diagnostic use of technology, all facilities under our management are constantly monitored, this means that our field teams are the most effective at planned and reactive maintenance, we usually respond before any tenant has even identified a problem.

We also have our own highly experienced engineering design and installation team, this means we understand our buildings. We run them efficiently and effectively and one team has oversight of the whole site or portfolio of sites.

Long-Term Partnerships

Transforming our communities

In all of our investment, development and asset management activities we aim to maximise community benefit and provide facilities which act as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of an area.

An excellent example of our approach and commitment to creating community benefit, is our involvement in the three Community 1st joint venture public private partnership companies in which we are the private sector partner.

Traditionally, investment for such facilities is targeted in areas of high deprivation and need or where access to health and social community services is limited. We believe it is our role as the long-term partner to improve the social fabric of an area and to ensure sustainable improvement through the investment, development and design decisions we make.

Community 1st

Equity Solutions is the private sector partner in three LIFT companies – Community 1st Oldham, Community 1st Sheffield and Community 1st Cornwall.

Each of these is a long-term partnership between the public and private sectors – 60% Equity Solutions and 40% Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. We have a Strategic Partnering Agreement with local partners and provide expert estate management, development and support services to infrastructure projects and partnerships that make a difference to local communities across these regions.

These partnerships harness the expertise and skills of both the public and private sectors to successfully deliver improvements to community facilities.

A sample of projects delivered as part of these partnerships include: Oldham Integrated Care Centre, Chadderton Wellbeing Centre, Truro Health Park, Cornwall Food Production Unit, Jordanthorpe Health Centre, Foxhill Medical Centre, and a range of capital works and estate improvement projects for the NHS.

We also provide facilities and property management services to all the health and community buildings developed within these partnerships.