Equity Solutions Group Logo

The Equity Solutions Group was formed in 2002 by Managing Partner Michael Dwan.

Based in Stockport, Michael and his team have built a sector leading Investment and development organisation that specialises in partnerships with the public sector and the Design, Build, Finance and Operation (DBFO) of bespoke and often complex buildings.

At its core has always been a desire to create a responsible service provider and partner, investing in infrastructure projects and partnerships that make a difference – in health, social care, education, leisure, libraries, accommodation and affordable housing and for the emergency services.

We now work in a world where it is normal to expect more for less, where the outcome required has to be at a price which is absolutely justified and transparent.

Equity Solutions Group is a recognised market leader in DBFO for the health and education sectors.

We are expert estate partners; we provide solutions which help our partners ‘make informed choices’ and spend their tightening budgets more efficiently, with high quality outcomes.

The Group includes a number of companies which provide specialist services to support effective estate management and strategic planning including facilities and construction management.