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The Executive Board, chaired by Michael Dwan, has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the Group’s management, policies and strategic direction.

Michael Dwan is the ultimate controlling party for all companies that operate within the Group.

Each Executive Board member is responsible and accountable for a defined area of the business. The Board meets quarterly and on an ad hoc basis as required.

Monthly operating reports and management financial reports are provided to the Board by each area of the business to assist in their review.

Turnover and profitability

The current Group consolidated annual operating profit is in excess of £57m.  The Group’s operating companies operate on a cash positive basis with limited borrowings.

The Group’s investment companies secure debt against cash flow on a project by project basis in each company.  The project debt is non-recourse to the Partnership.

Equity Solutions Annual Report

Balance sheet

The Equity Solutions Group consolidated balance sheet shows investments with a net value of approximately £245m.  This value is regarded as conservative by the Partners.

Enterprise value

The Group Board believes the current enterprise value for all group companies is in the region of £400m.