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Equity Solutions expertise in the Design, Build, Finance and Operation (DBFO) of bespoke and often complex buildings for the public sector as well as our other private asset investments has led to the creation of a Group of companies whose principal function is to protect and grow our asset investment and development portfolio, as well as to provide expert estate management support to other external clients.

Our Group companies deliver services to clients, ranging from facilities, estates management and construction to architectural design, project management, business case development, feasibility studies, estate strategy development and bid management.

We also provide all key back office support services (Financial Management, Legal, HR, Marketing and Communications and IT) in-house to support our investment and asset management activities.

Take a look at each Group company to find out more about the services we offer.

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Blue Support Services provides a completely flexible and integrated 24/7 facilities management service to help clients maintain their premises to the highest possible standards.

Combined with our construction division we have created a fully integrated facilities and construction management service, with a growing team of multi-skilled contracts managers, project managers, building engineers and skilled tradespeople.

Operating in the commercial, health, education and nursery/ early years childcare sectors our in-house team of experienced engineers and UK-based helpdesk provides a one-stop building and facilities solution including pre-planned and reactive maintenance, statutory compliance and more specialist services such as capital works projects, property management, surveys and internal re-fits and design.

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Bluesky is a well-established design practice of architects based in Stockport, supporting projects across the UK.

Through our client-centred approach, we work collaboratively with clients, end users and wider integrated design teams to deliver creative design solutions for any project’s challenges.

We offer a full architectural design service.

Services include:

  • Lead Architectural Design
  • Technical Advice
  • Interior Design

Creative Design Solutions. Client-Centred Approach – Visit Bluesky’s website for a taste of their leading track record in the health, education, blue light and specialist tactical training and ballistics design solutions using both traditional and off-site modern methods of construction.

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North Consulting provides a range of business services including project management, advisory and transaction services, business case development, bid management, financial management, legal, HR and recruitment, IT, and communications and marketing.

We can offer these as stand-alone services or bespoke packages, depending on our clients’ requirements.

Find out more. Contact our team to discuss your requirements info@northconsulting.co.uk

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Equity Solutions Property Services provide expert estate management and strategic planning across the Groups asset portfolio in the health, education, commercial and residential sectors.

The regional based property management team ensure contract compliance and tenant satisfaction across our growing estate.

The team oversee all tenant lease agreements, statutory compliance, planned and reactive maintenance and capital works so that our assets are always being maintained to the highest standard.

Our expert estate team and turnkey service offer is well placed to support our partners’ and external client’s estate management requirements, including:

  • Reduced estate costs
  • Efficient utilisation of assets
  • Proactive carbon reduction management
  • Flexible lease solutions

We have the in-house skills and technologies in place to manage and monitor estate condition and utilisation and support commissioners of services / tenants to maintain a ‘fit for purpose’ estate whilst identifying areas for efficiency improvements and cost savings.

To achieve this we utilise HOST, a secure web based estate support function which provides a strategic, integrated, up-to-date, accurate dataset of existing and future estate / resource capacity and the ability to scenario test and forecast.

Our HOST service includes a range of estate service choices we can offer to enable you to understand your estate better and strategically plan to meet current and future requirements.

Find out more. Contact our team to discuss your requirements info@equitysolutions.org.uk

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Space Developments (Space) are the developer of commercial assets and social infrastructure arm of Equity Solutions.

Space is led by two individuals who have both, over the past 25 years or so, created large successful property, investment and development solutions in markets around the world working with both the public and private sector.

The two principals are Mike Dwan and Tim Edghill.

The company’s mission is simple; create spaces that have a community purpose, use and benefit – community real estate of the future!

The space team do this by establishing unique collaborative development partnerships with a wide range of partners, both public and private sector, appropriately structured dependent on their or the project’s needs.

As a responsible developer, creating vibrant communities means developing sustainable health, education and residential collective living infrastructure appropriate for our partner’s needs.



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LumiBio is a game changing Infection Prevention and Control service. It creates pathogen free environments, including Sars-cov-2, providing safe environments for support staff, patients, and clinicians.

The system has a kill rate of at least 99.999% on all tested pathogens and once a full treatment cycle has been administered, it is active for at least 5 days. The pathogen control system works on all surfaces, hard and soft, including clothing, PPE and furniture.

However, our treatment cycle takes place without the need for anyone or anything to vacate the space.

We calculate the cycle of treatments to ensure continuous defence. This provides additional security working alongside your traditional Infection Control methods.

Each treatment cycle uses our dry mist units to distribute a gaseous active layer. This layer immediately neutralises all pathogens that it comes into contact with. But most importantly, this gaseous layer remains active for up to 5 days and will also neutralise any newly distributed pathogen that comes into contact with it. Having neutralised the pathogen, the treatment suffocates the pathogen, and it is eradicated.

This cycle does NOT shred the DNA/RNA of the pathogen as occurs with bleach and alcohol attack methods. This avoids mutation and the subsequent re infection that can occur by use of aggressive attack formulas.

Our method is therefore completely safe, neutralising on contact, suffocating, and eradicating, yet avoiding shedding the DNA/RNA, safeguarding from any subsequent mutation and from any subsequent infection risk.

The treatment is PH neutral, harmless to the environment, humans, animals, and all electrical equipment.